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How to proceed your economic remontada ?

Everybody agrees that Business must go on! But How?

Yes, the economic and social situation could have been better!

Hard times for some, Money time for others!  The wheel of fortune have never been turning so fast.

But that was before!  Before the “nouveau monde”.

What strikes us in our current situation, is to see that every single individual meaning economical actor who are thriving to overcome the situation.

This collective effort generates a new kind of solidarity between people.  

Every institution, every individual are demonstrated a strong ‘esprit de corps’ like never before.

The outcome are very clear : it makes us feel so good!

 Because we are aware to act every day for the rise of new Europe.

Santander’s advertisement is expressing so truly this emerging societal feeling that this economical struggle generates!  


Source : Santander

Who else than Raphael Nadal could express himself on the meaning of Remontada ? Extract:  

 “Remontada are not belonging on my own to my Mindset as a Tennis Player.

Remontada are something that belongs to all of us!

 Together, we have to raise our country on his foot”

Remontada does not belong only to Spain. 

Remontada belongs to all European citizens who is willing to give birth to a new “vieux continent.

Back to Business has been forged with this challenging Mindset to help out the firms to proceed  their own Remontada !

That what makes us feel good to help Firms put all the chances on their side to 💥 perform their  Sale’s  Results  📈. 


Author : Ludovic Albisser

Designer of your next Success

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